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Phillip Island gets a new hostel

Backpackers in Australia are spoilt for choice. For instance Sydney has almost 100 hostels, Melbourne has over 50 hostels, Cairns has over 30 hostels,  and even Mildura (population 30,000) has 15 hostels. Sure some backpackers visit Mildura to find work, but honestly there’s nothing to see in the town. Compare this with big cities like […]

Australia’s top 10 small hostels

The latest BUG Australia guidebook reviews over 600 hostels throughout Australia. Australia’s hostels range from small intimate places to large modern multi-storey hostels with hundreds of beds. The large hostels like Beaches of Broome, Gilligan’s Backpackers in Cairns plus Sydney Central YHA and Wake Up! in Sydney are world class with hundreds of beds plus top […]

The Secret Life of Us

I recently finished reading The Secret Life of Backpackers by Barry Divola. It’s a great read if you’re planning a trip to Australia and an interesting insight into backpacking culture. Barry is an Australian journalist who had previously written an article about backpackers after spending a week in a hostel at Bondi Beach. This time […]