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Dubrovnik Youth Hostel

Vinka Sagrestana 3, 20 000 Dubrovnik
Bus 4, 5
(020) 423 241
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Terrible - Stay AWAY !
24 June 2006
attitude of staff, curfew, rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, prices
location is reasonable
:( I have stayed at lots of hostels around the world and this has to be rated as one of the worst. - Staff are not serviece oriented, inpatient, prone to errors, indifferent to minor complaints, and very rude. The famous line from the unpleasant receptionist - 'if you have a problem, dont tell me, tell yourself' - Curfew, people jump in the window from the terrace to ANYONE's dorm, which says alot about security, - poor excuse for a kitchen/breakfast - price is not competitive - not easy to book a bed as it is always booked out by school groups - the booking system favours school groups -> expect noisy children and not the atomsphere for meeting travellers - bathroom stinks of urine in conslusion - there is NO reason anyone should stay here, given the option of numerous private options available.

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