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We have been reviewing thousands of hostels online since 1997. Our team of professional hostel critics show up unannounced at hostels to write independent hostel reviews complete with an objectively assessed star rating. Our reviews are complemented by photos and thousands of other reviews written by real travellers, giving you the most accurate advice so you don't have to stay at a crappy hostel.
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Our team of professional hostel critics review and rate thousands of hostels around the world

Our team of hostel critics visit thousands of hostels around the world. We show up unannounced and assess a star rating based on an objective set of criteria, take photos and write a detailed review of each hostel. We aim to review every hostel in each town or city that we visit, so when we say a hostel is the best or worst in town you can be sure that we really mean it since we’re seen all the other hostels too.


Our reviews are independent

We care passionately about our integrity and editorial independence. That means that hostels cannot influence their reviews, other than by running a great hostel. We don’t allow hostels to advertise on our site and we do not have any business relationship with any hostel (to maintain our independence, we partner with Hostelbookers to process our hostel accommodation bookings so we don’t have to work directly with any hostel). Our team of hostel critics are not permitted to accept any offers of free or discounted accommodation in exchange for favourable reviews and anyone with a prior personal or business relationship with any hostel staff are not permitted to review any hostels in that destination. Most other hostel websites include a description written by the hostel, but you will never find this type of biased reporting on On this site you’ll only find independent reviews written by real travellers and our team of professional hostel critics, but you’ll never see a description provided by a hostel.


Hostels are our sole focus

We are committed to focussing solely on hostel reviews. Hostels are the only type of accommodation you will find on; you won’t find any hotels, hostals, motels, camp sites, guesthouses or resorts on our site, but you will find virtually every hostel that we are aware of. If an accommodation establishment has accommodation in shared dormitory-style rooms, then we will have details about the hostel on our site. Other websites may claim to have more hostels than us, but when you actually look at their listings you’ll find that a large portion of their properties are, in fact, cheap hotels and other types of accommodation.


We will never delete any review simply because it contains negative comments

Travellers’ reviews are an important part of and we understand that the most helpful reviews are usually those that warn other travellers about a bad hostel. It is really important that this site is useful to other travellers so we will never delete a review simply because it is contains negative comments about a hostel. Other sites will cave into intimidation by aggressive hostel managers, but we will stand up to the travellers’ right to freedom of speech and never remove or edit any review unless there is a clear legal reason to do so. Generally a review is only defamatory if it affects the reputation of a person, but not if it criticises a business so it is no problem at all to say that a hostel is a dirty fleapit with filthy unwashed linen and a foul stench coming from the bathrooms, but for legal reasons we have to draw the line when you call the hostel manager a child molester. Some other review sites are run to serve the hostel, but we’re here for you: the traveller; so let rip and tell the world how bad the hostel you’re staying at really is since honest reviews are what make this site such a useful resource of other travellers.


We are committed to ensuring that user reviews are submitted by genuine travellers

All reviews submitted by users are carefully vetted to ensure that they are written by genuine travellers. Sometimes the verification process may mean that if may take a few days (sometimes a week or longer) for a review to appear online, but this also means that you’re unlikely to find fraudulent reviews on When we do catch a hostel trying to post reviews about their own hostel, we take the necessary action to ensure that they don’t ever consider trying to defraud travellers again.


We’ve got more experience reviewing hostels than any other site

We’ve been reviewing hostels online since 1997. When we started out at in 1997 we were the very first hostel review website; we rebranded our hostel reviews as in 2013, and the destination guides at BUG are still going strong.