Absolute Paris

Absolute Paris

1, rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris
Métro Goncourt/Hôpital St Louis (11), République (3, 5, 8, 9, 11)
(01) 4700 4700
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24 hours
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Good value for your money, free internet
26 June 2008
Needs repairs
Free internet, nice helpful staff
I have stayed in a single room here for 4 nights and the overall rating would be a solid "OK". The room itself was cleaned daily and had a shower and toilet en suite for 60Euro per night. The towels were exchanged daily as well. However, the window goes out into the courtyard and at the wrong time of day the fumes from the kitchen and washing machine/dryer are being blown into the room, so if you don't want to sleep in a smelly room you have to close the windows at the right times (which in summer means it can get quite sticky). There was a TV in the room and the wallpapers had just recently been redone. The bathroom has been renovated as well however, the shower head could not be fixed on the wall so I had to put it down to use the soap and shampoo which was a bit annoying. The big plus of this hostel is definitely the free internet access. They have 3 computers in the reception area and you get a username/password if you bring your own laptop. Also, staff members were very nice and helpful. Locationwise it is not too bad - Notre Dame is about a 20-30 minutes walk and against the verdict above, I did not feel threatened while walking home alone at 00:00 at night. Maybe as a single woman I would rate this different so you might want to walk home in company. Another plus point is that there are 2 supermarkets in direct vicinity of the hostel and a bar/bistro (though a bit pricy) next door. That means you can actually sit in the bistro with your laptop and use the access point of the hostel. Inside it definitely needs renovation - the paint and panels come of the walls and the carpet looks like it has been there since the times of Louis XIV. But then again: this is Paris, no one really cares about the houses anyway - life happens on the streets, in the bistros and bars. Noisewise it is actually acceptable considering that it is a hostel. At no point was the noise so bad that it woke me up or hindered me from falling asleep. Hope this helps, Faz

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