Alibi B14 Hostel

Alibi B14 Hostel

Bonifacijeva ulica 14, 6330 Piran
031 363 666
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Poor quality, no service for this money
2 January 2008
No proper heating, no internet, dirty kitchen, dirty bathroom, terrible beds, no refunds etc.
location, that's all which is positive about this hostel
Hey there backpackers, my review on this hostel: - bad service, - terrible cold rooms without any atmosphere, - dirty kitchen and appliances, - small boiler for warm water, - terrible heating, - molded bathroom, - broken showerhead, - no refunds.... I can go on like this for a while, but I think if you really want a good hostel with good service.....go to the Hostel VAL, which is better then the Alibi B14 Hostel. The prices are the same, but better service at the VAL Hostel!! I know all of this, because I was at the Alibi B14 Hostel for a couple of days. I booked 10 night and I left after only two, it was just unbarible!! It ruined my whole holiday!! Again some of the cons: no internet, no good heating system, I had to sleep underneath three blankets to heat up, dirty kitchen and appliances, molded and dirty bathroom, a locked roof terrace and there is no reasoning with the manager.... I hope I warned you enough, belief me go to the Val Hostel in Piran if you are there!! Greetings, Ramon Lievaart

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