Andarilho Oporto Hostel

Andarilho Oporto Hostel

Rua da Firmeza 364, 4000 Porto
Metro Bolhão
222 012 073
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Nice and interesting experience
18 March 2009
the cleaning lady/cook
definetly the garden and the central location
Been here in August 2008. Perfect location near the metro station and easily accesible from the train station. The street is a bit steep so be prepared for some rough climbing especially if you have heavy lugguage. However, if you have been to any of the hostels in Bairo Alto, Lisbon you will not have any problems with climbing... :laugh: I liked very much the fact that they have a garden-quite a big one. And that, in exchange for a couple of euros you can actually have a hot meal in the evening. They have a cook who is sometimes doing the receptionist part. She is not a morning person and she was quite upset in the mornings we have seen her. Definetly a minus. Also, she did not return the fee we paid for the locker's key because at the time we left they had noi exchange... :glare: Also a minus is the very-very heavy and difficult to push entrance door and the steep stone stairs from the entrance. And another minus is the lack of interest of the hostel people for guiding and offering any information to the travellers. There were no maps of Porto displayed nor they were very willing to give you info about sightseeing. Also the only available computer was not working most of the times. But the city is great. Not to mention the wine. :D

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