Backpackers Queensland

Backpackers Queensland

80 High Street, Stanthorpe QLD 4380
0429 810 998
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The stanthorpe redemption
15 April 2017
y stay at the backpackers of queensland. Reminded me much on when I joined the military. You are all given your cuturley ($50 deposit!) And you are read out "THE RULES" which there are many of and if broken good luck!! I had to give my bottle of Jack Daniels on arrival or face being immediately expelled off site if caught with it. You can only get your alcohol back on the condition you leave the premises with it immediately Craig and Michelle are some of the rudest people I've ever met and there people skills for owners of a hostel is quite embarrassing really. You pay $205 a week. There is no wifi. Air con is 2 bucks for 6 hours. And the washing machines are $4 dollars per use. Don't use the washing machines as they will ruin your clothes. (Happened to me and others) And when you ask about it you'll just get talked to like an idiot and told "do you stains on my clothes" when nobody I'd asked had ever seen them use them. This hostel is one that is extremely weird atmosphere. Craig kind of just skulks around the hostel all day looking for rule breakers And the hostel has no real shared area which means everybody just sits in there own rooms (common room / kitchen feels like your being spied on by the multiple cameras) The beds are good just the frames need tightening up as when you even just turn over it feels quite unstable if your In a top bunk There's so many horror stories about this place. Just read some.of the other reviews. A few weeks before i arrived. Craig once caught five guys smoking cannabis And instead of calling the police. He blackmailed them into paying him $200 EACH or he was going to kick them out at 10pm on a Saturday night. When asked "Where's this money going to" Craig laughed and replied "oh to the hostel" surely this isn't legal? The work was fine. But you are under a constant threat of "if you loose your bed you loose your job. And vice versa" If you have any questions or queries about way things are done. You will instantly be met with hostility. They like to throw people out onto the street with all there bags outside the hostel to scare everybody else. Luckily my bags were in a friends car but apparently me being off site wasn't enough my bags HAD to leave aswell or face the police... not sure what she'd have actually said to the police. They clean up for an hour and a half a day (which makes cooking unavailable) but if you leave even the slightest bit of mess. They take away pots cooking stoves and microwaves. (So if they actually have to clean it you loose it) If you have the displeasure of staying here don't trust Craig or Michelle as I was warned on my arrival. Heard many stories about people being kicked out. For having a glass of wine. Or for just being drunk when returning home from the pub. Craig once offered the hostel "2 weeks free rent. To the person who tells me who left a shopping trolley outside the hostel" is this guy actually for real!? I got kicked out for asking how to use the washing machine without ruining my clothes which was apparently was me complaining when all i asked was how to use the washing machine without it ruining my clothes. Don't bring alcohol Don't ask questions Don't be loud Smoke off site Do NOT stay. And this isn't me giving a bad review since I was kicked out. I've found a much better place to live and a better job. So I hold no grudges. Just warning people about the racketeering that goes on at the backpackers of queensland. Don't even listen to the 5 star reviews they havnt been wrote by actual guests. They paid a girl money to allow them to fill her saying she enjoyed her time there. They refuse to help me get my days signed and got verbally aggressive at me and my friend who hasn't even been or spoke to anybody at the hostel before. This is the only hostel that is unreccomended by the only Woking agency in town!! Recommendations: blue topaz, summit backpackers, happy apple all cheaper friendlier and better accommodation.

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