Honi-B Backpackers

Honi-B Backpackers

18 Parker Street, Blenheim
(03) 577 8441
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7.30am–9pm daily
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The hostel owner is psychotic.
13 September 2012
The owner and the appalling atmosphere.
It has beds.
I have travelled to dozens of countries in the world and I have never, in my life, stayed in such a poorly run hostel, with an owner that I can only describe as... psychotic. I arrived at the hostel with limited funds ($50) in my account and the intention of finding work. I politely asked the owner if I could stay there while I worked, and then pay him back the money when I received it. He agreed, and in exchange I gave him my passport (so I couldn't possibly leave without paying). Perfect. I thought. During the following weeks, he found me work and I started to pay the him back, bit by bit. Everything was fine. However, one week I didn't receive my wages (about 3 weeks after arriving at the hostel), so I rang my boss to ask what was up. My boss told me that my bank account "wasn't working" and that he had given the cash to the hostel owner. When I approached the owner to ask him to give me my wages he handed me only $16 and my passport, along with a "get the fuck out of my hostel". I was completely dumbfounded. I was in a foreign country, with no money, barely any food, and no where to go. With no other choice, I went to my room, packed my bags, and left. I assumed that would be the end of it - psycho owner, whatever, right? Nope. Luckily I knew someone staying in the same town so I headed for that hostel (The Lemon Tree - FAR BETTER, in case you're interested). When I arrived I told my friend about the events and my lack of money, and he was kind enough to lend me the money to stay at this new hostel until I could pay him back. Unfortunately, when I asked the owner if I could stay, she said that I couldn't because I had apparently been "stealing food" from the Honi B - the psychotic owner had rang every single hostel in Blenheim spreading lies for literally no reason. On a positive note, my friend and I managed to convince her that I wasn't a stealer and she finally agreed to let me stay. The story doesn't stop there, however. After a few more weeks of working, and paying off my debts, two backpackers arrived that I had met in the Honi-B. They told me that the owner had told everybody in the hostel that I had stolen their food. However, they didn't quite believe him because he also tried to influence them to 'beat me up' (fortunately they thought it was as strange as it sounds and did nothing about it). The the most surprising thing they told me, however, was that food had actually gone missing the night before I left. Which leads me to a worrying conclusion. The hostel owner had premeditated this whole event. He got my cash from the hostel owner on the Friday, and on that night he went into the main area - while everyone was asleep - and stole their food (this could potentially be your food if you decide to stay at this hostel). The next day, before I had awoken and got kicked out, he told everyone that he had actually caught me stealing their food (only a schizophrenic could have seen that, because it didn't happen) and that he would understand if it annoyed anyone and wouldn't ring the police if I was to get a beating. The owner had made up this entire story even though I had kept to my half of the agreement, and he went OUT OF HIS WAY to try and make my life hell. Right, now for the actual hostel. This is truly an unbiased opinion: the hostel's atmosphere is awful, it's like a ghost town in there. The layout feels like a concentration camp. The facilities are OK, but just OK. Admittedly, the hostel would seem like a semi decent place to stay if you hadn't been to "The Lemon Tree" first. My advice is to stay there, or any other hostel in Bleinheim, really. They're alot more fun, alot more relaxed, and have level headed owners. I hope this review helps you make the right decision.

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