Hostel With No Name

Hostel With No Name

Voorimehe 5, Tallinn
Bus 2, 17, 23
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Homiest Hostel Ever!
15 June 2007
Bathrooms/shower were very limited.
The best things about this hostel is definitely the people; both the staff and the guests!
I stayed here in June 07, I randomly picked it because it was very cheap and seemed easy to get to. If I had any idea how great it would be here I would have stayed more than one night! The decor is very funky/psychedelic/60s-70s-ish, and everything is bright and cheery. I don't think it has too many beds; I was in a dorm room for about 8 people, and although there were extra mattresses under the beds, I think there were two smaller rooms, not exactly sure. There was real furniture, sofas, etc. Very, very comfortable; the beds were great and sheets/blankets were included in the low price, as was a basic breakfast (whoever gets up first makes coffee for everyone). The atmosphere was great. People were very friendly; alot of the people living there played guitar, drums, etc, so there was alot of music/noise. Their common room was really comfy and everyone hung out and talked there. The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful and friendly, and I actually talked to almost everyone staying there, which is unusual in my experience. They have one free internet terminal, a small library of books in various languages, and very helpful maps. The kitchen is for anyone to use. You get the front door key and can come and go as you like. In re: the negatives, I would say the place is old (very steep stairs, etc.) which didn't bother me, but might be difficult for some. As far as I could figure out, there were only 2 wc's and 1 shower, but I don't think the hostel holds that many people anyway. Also, it can be noisy at night, so if you're looking for somewhere very quiet, it might not be here. Everybody was so friendly -- offering to get anything for anybody else if they went to the store, inviting everyone out if they were going to a bar or club. It was the best hostel I've ever stayed at, and I definitely recommend it! (The roof was cool, too -- its steep and slippery, but an amazing view!!)

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