Shanghai Phoenix Hostel

Shanghai Phoenix Hostel

17 South Yunnan Road, Shanghai
(021) 6328 8680
Dorm bed 55 RMB

Single room 180 RMB

Double room 230 RMB
Prices are in Chinese renminbi (yuan) and are inclusive of all taxes.
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Everything made easy for me
15 May 2009
The elevator looks really old and like it might break down
Staff who did all they could to show me a good time in Shanghai
I visited the Phoenix bar (on the roof) before I booked into the hostel. I wasn't sure what to expect as it looks like a very local Chinese hotel. My room was really clean, had large windows and a great shower. It was a relief to relax after a long journey and feel very comfortable in my room. I needed to organise train tickets and figure out how to get to a small town nearby. I was a bit annoyed as the staff member helping me spoke very poor English. He had to keep calling another member of staff to help him. This happened again in the restaurant - and also irritated me. I felt really humble later that day when I went to the bar and found the staff members having English classes. Even the lady who cleaned my room was learning. I felt bad that I had judged them all as unhelpful when I don't speak any Chinese and so have to rely on them so much. Three of the staff speak really good English and they explained that the other staff all choose to take the English classes in their breaks. The staff worked really hard to make sure I had a good time and as a lone traveller this was really nice. The manager even walked me to a nearby market as she was worried I might not find it on my own. The Phoenix is a friendly place to stay and the only place where I felt people cared about how I was every day.

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