The Inn Crowd (Campbell Lane)

The Inn Crowd (Campbell Lane)

35 Campbell Lane, Singapore
MRT Bugis, Little India
6296 9169
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Reception open
8am-midnight; check in at the other Inn Crowd hostel at 73 Dunlop Street.
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A little Disapointed
5 July 2006
Cramped, bathrooms are badly designed
Location - but where in Singapore is a bad location?
Was a little disaponted upon arrival. Arrived early in the morning after travelling from India - 2 days with no sleep - only to be told come back at 2pm?! Whaaaat?! Okay, I know people have got to check out, and that this isnt their fault....just how I was feeling when we arrived. Our room was small, modern and clean, nothing wrong with the room at fact it was really nice, but going all the way round the corner to speak to any staff wasnt ideal. They promise brekkie...good idea, but people in hostels dont always wash up and sit around, so its a good idea, but there was nowhere to sit and have brekkie, let alone anything to cook it on in a rush! The bathrooms were tiny shower cubicles, and the toilets...or should I say toilet, beacause you have to go into one toilet to get into the other was a very bad design...often there were queues for the loo! I dont think I would stay here again....despite the clean cosy room and good price 48SGD for a double.

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