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A welcoming place,an adaptable appeal,something for everyone
13 August 2006
On the bus to Surfer's we saw this hostel and were immediatly attracted to the facilities: it boasted, a tennis court, free laundry, bar, pool, games room, gym and all at a reasonable rate....... too good to be true i hear you ask.... well no it wasn't. What started as a three day stay extended to a 5 month stay and the best period in me ickle life. This hostel is family run but with a sense of fun and thats why i say that it has something for everyone. Everynight of the week there are events organised if you want fun they'll show you just that, this events get escorted into the centre of surfers at 10 so if you want a good nights sleep you'll get that too!!! They usually employ good staff as opposed to one's that look good and have the ego's of Peter Stringfellow, there fore you are assured that they are friendly and helpful. And not out for their own interests if you know what i mean :p They take deposits on certain items such as towels and cultlery which i know from travelling some people find annoying but i found that this ensured the quality was always of a high standard and if anyone who is travelling you'll know that sometimes the lure of a free fork is just too much for a traveler with no money. The drinks in the bar are so cheap be cause i felt it was there as a service as opposed to trying to make more profit out of struggling nomads. All in all a great hostel with great facilities. Extremely clean and well maintained provided you let them know that someting is wrong. Things can go unnoticed if they go unreported!!! Now this hostel is away from the town but don't let that put you off it makes up for it in so many other ways, the shuttle buses are always on time and reliable. It'll be worth it

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