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Clean, Tidy, Well-Maintained, Great Place to Chill Out
14 October 2008
The YHA Adelaide I feel is a great place to stay. The cleanliness and overall atmosphere of the hostel was of great standard. After staying at the YHA Sydney which is of excellent standard, I was not expecting this YHA to be equivalent. As a result, my expectations were not very high. However, I was shocked at how modern, expensive and clean the hostel looked and was pleasantly surprised. Personally, I did have some issues with the layout of the building as it is very easy to get lost as all of the dormitory areas look the same and I found it difficult to remember which level I was on. Luckily, there were only three levels with the common room on the second. It is crucial that the common room is in an easily accessible place and I found that this was the case with YHA Adelaide. The common room was a meeting place for all of the travellers and it was easy to see that most where mingling between the gender, age and race groups. This created a worthwhile, sociable atmosphere which most backpacker hostels should have. I found the staff at the YHA, especially Richard and Tania, very welcoming, friendly and laid back. There are a number of specials and deals happening in the hostel everyday so there was always something to do. If I had more time, I would take part in as many as I could. I was very impressed with the standard, cleanliness and layout of the dorms. The kitchen I also felt was of great standard. There are not too many recommendations that I can make towards the hostel as I was very pleased with my stay. Overall, I was very pleased with the facilities offered at the YHA Adelaide and will certainly stay there again. YHA Adelaide is a great place to stay, relax or socialise depending on what sort of backpacker you are

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