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21 July 2016
First the staff is barely doing its job, office is open a couple hours a day. The owners are terrible, they apparently own the Federal too, quite a reputation between those two places. A brief list: Prices are between 200 and 250$ a week, 50 to 100$ more than most backpack in the rest of Australia. Kitchen is the worst, nothing to cook with, some old and rusty electric piece of crap made for camping. I'm not joking by saying they are 10+ years old. Barely working. Fuse of the kitchen are off all the time, if you don't know how and where to find them you are screwed. Room are not really cleaned after each stay. I get a better one when the girl at the office mistook the mess that haven't been cleaned by thinking someone was still there... They apparently don't mind changing light bulbs in the toilet. I guess the cleaning staff just don't care. Bathrooms are the minimum you can expect. Some kids got very sick after drinking hot water from some tap. They should have been closed after that but it seems they are pretty lucky... Now... there's a bar, a ping pong table and a small pool table. Don't hope for the place to be silent before midnight. Actually you can count on it to be really noisy, whatever if half of the hostel needs to work the day after. The rules are quite something, especially the checkout rules... it would be funny knowing how the owners don't give a damn of their customers, but it's just sad. It's a joke, a sad one. Especially for the kids being rip off

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