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Amazing new facilities including a pumping backpacker only bar
11 August 2009
Had a great stay here at Aqauarius and it most definatly must have changed since the last reviews......The kitchen common area, bar and reception area's are all brand new. The kitchen is huge, has a walk in fridge, 5 stoves and a huge dining/tv area. The new bar by the pool is pretty impressive too always something on like karaoke or other stupid games and real cheep drinks. You get a free dinner everynight in the bar included in your stay. The staff are helpfull enough, all the dorms have there own bathrooms which look pretty new. Um what else beach is real close. You are not allowed to drink in your rooms any more and pretty stricked about it, it good in someways and bad in others. All in all a pretty good place to stay in a beautiful part of the world!

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