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People upstairs are nerdy and weird - staff is strange and do no really care about problems there.
12 February 2009
The men residents here are great, except for the guys upstairs - no one really knows them and they act apart and do not associate with the rest. The men downstairs are are all really nice. Some of the female residents seem totally bizarre. There may have been some thefts in the house, and you should never leave your stuff around. Long term residents have keys to the rooms, so be careful!! The managers don't do much about that- they just want your money. The lady managers and the hired help have strange ways of dealing with people and are not very concerned or very nice, and the cleaning lady is loco. The staff is a bit too intrusive into peoples rooms or otherwise seem pushy or absorbed into themselves. :O The fix it man gives all the women the eye and makes them uncomfortable, and he mad dogs the men. I would consider a different hostel until the management changes. :

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