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perfect place for a break from traveling and relax, enjoy the view or hike on the farm - paradise
22 April 2008
this place is diffrent to other hostels. First thing i noticed was the relaxed atmosphere. No keys for the rooms but a safe in the office for my passport. It felt a bit like coming home. And it was very hard to leave. I got invited to a game of volleyball (they play everyday at 6pm) at check in. The firplace was roaring when we came back. Kitchens are a bit small but there are 3 and a BBQ area oh and seafood preparation area yum yum! :grin: The place is cleaner than I expected from the looks of it. The owner said it's 25 years old but the house was built in 1860!!! Even the campground toilets were spider free and I look out for spiders believe me. I stayed in a stargazer, a wooden tent with a glass roof. I cuddled up in my sleeping bag and watched the stars. I woke up to the birds singing. Yeah early start but I wanted to go swimming with the Dolphins. We were only six people, trip starts and ends at hostel. No need to say that I loved every minute. After lunch I had a nap in a hammock, so peaceful and whohoo it's six again volleyball. I forgot time at Onuku. It was a true break from backpacking. So it's clean and very friendly and i very recommend to go there.

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