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They will find you work, and have fun in the meantime.
6 March 2006
As you walk along Quay Street in Brisbane, you will pass the usual selection of YHAs and Let's-pack-em-in-til-they-can't-breath-but-can-still-pay types of hostel. Whence you happen upon The Yellow Sub, you truly submerge yourself into its sub-topical garden environs and release yourself to the community of long-stay workers and envied holidaymakers, who, for whatever reason, have chosen this special little hostel to rest their heads a while. If you're there at the right time of day you will get to meet Judy, the matriarchal owner who props herself up at the helm. Judy likes to get to know you. Especially if you plan on staying a while. That's one of the first things you'll notice about The Sub, they like to know everyone who is staying there, after all, this is a home away from home. I immediately liked it here. When I mentioned I was looking for work, within hours I was proudly toddling off to my new job as a market researcher. I was slightly deflated to learn from my fellow guests later on that night over a very generous glass of box wine that I was not unusually talented. If they say they'll find you work, they will. The Sub has been open for many years and thrives on it's work contacts. Employers know and trust them. And best of all, this job club is free. The facilities are pretty basic, but clean and well-maintained. And I have to admit, to have a swimming pool in the middle of the city is absolute luxury. You have a choice of large dorms (the largest being a 9-bed), or small four-bed dorms to choose from. Twins and doubles are also available and you can work for free rent if an envied position arises. When I was there, the manager in Judy's absence was a dapper, smiling Indian man by the name of Santosh. It was he who all but took me by the hand, and gave me the grand tour, stopping occasionally to introduce me to some of the long-term stayers who were lolling by the swimming pool or whiling away the afternoon at the pool table. I was amazed that four hours later, Santosh not only remembered my name but asked me how work went. When you are used to getting lost in the cattle marts that are The Palace Backpackers or somewhere like City Backpackers, this was truly refreshing. Mosqutoes and the odd possum sighting aside, The Sub seems to provide a haven for both workers and overnight guests in the middle of Brisbane. I wish them all the best and hope that one day Judy & co decide to spread their wings further than Brisbane.

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